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Saraha Systems Inc (SSI) formerly known as Sweta Systems Inc

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Saraha Systems Inc (SSI) is a technology company providing digital transformation solutions to Fortune 500 companies. By providing next-generation cloud computing, cybersecurity, and software capabilities, we help defense, healthcare, federal government, telecommunication and retail industries reimagine the way they accomplish their objectives through digital transformation. SSI modernizes enterprise IT environments for all their customers and then operates and maintains them via their preferred service delivery methods.

Using our expertise and understanding of existing and emerging technologies, we integrate the best components from our own portfolio and our partner ecosystem to deliver innovative, effective solutions that are critical to achieving our customer’s missions.

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Completed Projects
Completed Projects

Our Services

IT Consulting

Since entering the software development market in 2000, SSI has been guiding businesses toward more effective operations, services, and products with tailored software solutions. As a software consulting company, SSI sees its mission in helping companies across industries create optimal digital environments aligned with their technical capacity, business requirements, and customers’ expectations.


Digital Transformation


Bring on Tomorrow with Digital Transformation

We’re transforming computing, app deployment and decision-making through modernization and optimization. Integrating cloud, software, and analytics, we can speed the use of apps, accelerate migration to the cloud, and unlock the power of advanced analytics to create the future of mission success.

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Cyber Security

Protecting today’s digital environments requires our full gamut of cybersecurity and cyberspace operations. SSI’s expertise across the entire activity range for securing and operating digital assets and services, combined with our unique technological capabilities, effectively answers the challenges of a complex and continually evolving cyberspace. We plan and integrate cybersecurity at the outset of all our solution development to ensure that our government agency customers have their digital assurance needs today and tomorrow, whether they are serving the public or supporting national security. With integrated security built into architecture, infrastructure, and applications, we provide secure operational systems.
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We help our customers select the most suitable cloud technologies. We recommend businesses the optimal tech stacks that would propel them toward improved operations with enhanced software characteristics (performance, functional maturity, device compatibility) and reduced maintenance effort.

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SSI carries out software transformation for customers as a holistic effort of turning outdated and underperforming applications into secure, compliant, effective apps and streamlining the development process and production chain to deliver them. We understand that this re-engineering can’t be a big-buck, big-bang endeavor. Our teams apply assessments, tools, and processes that logically and incrementally facilitate your most efficient, lower risk roadmap.

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Enterprise  IT Consulting

With our extensive experience with Fortune 500 companies, SSI designs and operates all types of IT infrastructures and service models to empower your people and enterprise to deliver your target outcomes; We manage and modernize IT environments for optimal operations through analytics, automation, and continuous improvement. Our customers count on us to make the most of their technology resources and lower their costs.

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Immersive Technologies

Delivering the future Now

The accelerated rate of change and introduction of digital technologies is challenging today’s organizations. There is immense desire to harness the power of new technologies, but this very introduction requires the ability to fully embrace and adopt these technologies.  SSI applies immersive technologies to engage individuals in leading-edge solutions that achieve higher levels of performance. These technologies include extended realities (XR) — augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR) — serious gaming, human-in-the-loop live and virtual simulations, biometrics, evocative training, micro-learning, and technology delivery platforms and infrastructure. Immersive technologies deliver synthetic environments that present information and realistic scenarios for humans to interact with to aid decision making.

Machine Learning

We’ve built up our expertise in the areas of data mining, computer vision, robotic process automation, and natural language processing to create solutions for intelligent business workflows, resulting in reduced human effort and greater operational efficiency.

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Internet of Things

Proficient in enterprise, industrial and consumer IoT, We provides IoT architecture design, backend engineering, platform development, and analytics configuration to help companies harness the power of connected devices.

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Our app developers create industry-specific solutions to serve immersive experiences. We implement AR-powered navigation, virtual events and training sessions, 2D and 3D projections, and VR-based games for enterprises and users globally.

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Our blockchain development team designs and implements custom decentralized solutions, integrates blockchain-based modules into existing software, provides blockchain consulting and technology support, as well as builds cryptocurrency platforms.
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Modeling & Simulation

Our data scientists and engineers drive convergence of multivariate modeling, statistics, math and physics in support of  simulations of all kinds.

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We use DevOps methodology methodologies to bring rapid prototyping to testing ideas, emerging technologies and designs.

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Advanced Analytics

We provide platforms with multiple source and tools integrations that allow customers to act upon better data fusion

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High performance Computing

Our experts provide from HPC facility management to development of computational algorithms that solves the nation’s most complex challenges.

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Advanced wargaming

We bring a multidisciplinary approach connecting design, forecasting, soft sciences, and advanced modeling to explore macro effects on outcomes.

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Artificial Intelligence

We apply artificial intelligence practically in our solutions to answer complex problems with more efficiency, fidelity, and repeatability.

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Program Management

We strategically integrate the types and amounts of support essential to program and cost performance.

SSI  brings in the right people, tools, and processes — in the right amounts and at the right time — to orchestrate and execute on our customers’ missions efficiently and effectively no matter their size, complexity, or maturity. Enabling our customers to scale up and down and buy by the service or product, not headcount, ensures better program value as well as outcomes for them.

Program Operations

We institutionalize processes and methods across a portfolio to ensure alignment to an organization’s strategic priorities.
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Health Solution

Our combination of clinical, scientific , and management expertise helps healthcare industries to improve patients outcomes.

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Policy Analysis

We help customers examine alternatives objectively, increasing their confidence in choosing the best courses of action for their programs.

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Risk Management

We develop risk mitigation strategies against changing budgetary and regulatory requirements amid today’s volatile program climate.

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Planning, Programming and Budgeting

SSI brings together innovations from the commercial market with government procurement and compliance savvy to deliver outstanding outcomes.

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Strategic  Communications

Articulating the necessity and effectiveness of programs  can make the difference for funding in times of budget uncertainty.

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Digital Engineering

In the software development business, we have accumulated broad experience in building industry-specific automation systems. Keeping in step with the technology evolution, today we provide multiple business domains with smart solutions built according to industry standards and global requirements for the quality and security of process and data management.

We help enterprises level up their operations through digital transformation. Our team implements solutions and sets up software ecosystems that increase the efficiency of enterprise processes through reduced human effort, minimized resource consumption and expedited workflows.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

We advise on CRM strategies and implement advanced platforms that drive customer data management, sales collaboration, and service personalization.

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Enterprise Content Management

We automate and streamline ECM workflows for full-cycle management of corporate records, documents, media, and knowledge, including cloud and mobile options.

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

We consult potential and long-term ERP adopters on how to optimize their operations, eliminate data silos, increase process visibility, and raise the quality of service.

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Digital workplace Solution

We create digital workplaces geared for employee management, collaboration, learning, and workplace analytics, based on market-leading platforms or custom solutions.

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Technology Advisory

We offer our expertise in every critical business automation domain so that your enterprise could benefit from enhanced operations and stronger customer relationships.

SAP Commerce

A recognized SAP Partner, SSI offers SAP Commerce (formerly SAP Hybris) solutions to help you grow your e-commerce business and make it truly user-centric. We automate, optimize, and personalize SAP Commerce products for businesses ready to succeed in the experience economy.

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Blockchain Consulting and Development

SSI help enterprises implement blockchain-based solutions into their daily operations. We go beyond cryptocurrencies and offer blockchain development for automating a variety of business processes, from customer data exchange to secure supply chain management to transparent accounting.

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Salesforce Consulting

Our consultants, developers and admins are fully equipped to maximize return on your Salesforce investment. We have the tools and expertise apt for the task you have in mind, be it getting started on the platform, adding a new feature, or optimizing your CRM performance.

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Microsoft Consulting

SSI offers the full scope of services, including advisory assistance, implementation, customization and support of Microsoft technologies. We consolidate the vendor’s best practices and our own software development expertise to deliver tailored solutions for mid-sized and large businesses globally.

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How we work


- IT Consulting
- Immerging Technologies
- Analytics
- Program Management
- Digital engineering
- Technology Advisory

Assessment / Project Plan

- Business need identification
- Scope definition
- Requirement Analysis
- Expertise mapping
- Core team setup
- Project Plan


- Process Definition
- Roadmap Development
- Team Adjustment
- Progress Reporting
- KPI Control
- Security Measures
- Acceptance of Deliverables


- Compliance
- Methodology Adjustment
- Knowledge Transfer
- Performance Optimization
- R & D
- Hypercare