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Federal Governments

Federal Civilian Agencies:

Our solutions ensure operational effectiveness for the government and well-being for citizens.
SSI is collaborating with government civilian agencies and commercial businesses, tackling public service missions and protecting the economy and the nation with our portfolio of high-end solutions in IT, advanced analytics, and training. We provide solutions to a spectrum of civilian markets including energy, transportation, environment, homeland security, space, and commerce. With cloud, cyber, software, enterprise IT, and live, virtual, and constructive training solutions augmented by our advanced analytics and emerging technologies, we are instrumental partners in helping our federal, local, and commercial customers solve their most complex modernization and readiness challenges in keeping our citizens informed, productive, and protected.

We provide modern software execution as a holistic effort of modernizing applications and process and production chain for continuous deployment.

We provide the entire activity range for securing and operating digital assets and services based on our discover-mitigate-manage approach.

Our experts engineer, build and operate tailored cloud-based environments to support the needs of your specific mission.

Enterprise IT:
Focused on continuous improvement, our workforce integrates cyber-resilient operational solutions for business continuity and end-user satisfaction.

Our training and domain experts provide training solutions to prepare your workforce, including human performance training and virtual simulations.

Program Management:
We strategically integrates the types and amounts of policy, budgeting, risk-management and other support essential to program and cost performance.

Our solutions range for federal civilian agencies incorporates advanced analytics to expedite measurable and predictable performance outcomes.