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Advanced Analytics

Data Analytics consulting
With years of experience in leveraging the power of data science to create intelligent software solutions, SSI can help you maximize the value of your data on hand or create a data-driven system from the ground up. From data visualization to complex machine learning models, we provide full-cycle data science consulting services.

Data strategy
SSI helps companies quickly identify high-impact use cases for data-powered tools, detect associated growth opportunities, and come up with a strategy tailored to your business objectives.

Data quality analysis
We will analyze your company’s data to understand whether its quality and structure suits your needs. Based on our findings, we design an in-depth plan to improve your data-centric tools and boost their effectiveness.

Data preparation
In case your datasets contain dirty or erroneous data, our data science consultants will reorganize, modify and cleanse it to secure its veracity and reliability for the purposes of data-driven decision making.

Big data Analytics
We render full-cycle big data analytics consulting services to help businesses leverage accurate predictions, find root causes of their impediments, and unlock the full potential of data-driven insights. Out time-tested expertise in building machine learning algorithms and data science models allows us to deliver solutions that help companies improve production efficiency, personalize customer experiences, and streamline supply chain management, among other payoffs.

IoT analytics
SSI helps businesses uncover the value of data coming from sensors, employee and consumer devices, connected equipment, and other data sources by delivering reliable and scalable IoT data analytics solutions. We will audit your data assets, identify what problems this data can address, and design a detailed IoT roadmap.

BI optimization

Data integration
Through our data integration services, our BI consultants and developers help enterprises maintain the consistency, adequacy and homogeneity within their ever-growing data landscape. We put together scattered data sources, ensure data connectivity between enterprise systems, and guarantee that data flows are error-free and protected from leaks.

Data migration
We assist companies in their movement to new BI platforms, data storages, and alternative BI environments throughout all data migration stages. We set up new suitable infrastructures, prepare data for migration, optimize it, and migrate it securely to a preset location. We also train tech professionals and business users to successfully manage and use migrated enterprise data.

Data security
We pack BI solutions with custom security features or integrate these solutions with ready-made data protection and monitoring systems. Our team not only deploys security toolkits but also undertakes recurring security activities for our clients. These activities include implementing security updates, tuning security features, and carrying out security testing of BI applications, among others.

AI-powered BI
We develop solutions with built-in AI features for automated smart data analysis free from human errors. We also provide solutions that help companies arrange their data flows and improve the quality of their stored and aggregated data so that it can further be used in machine learning, deep learning, and data science models.

  • ML models and algorithms
  • Smart business assistants & bots
  • Intelligent predictive analytics
  • Augmented intelligence