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Advanced Wargaming

Research and experiments, modeling and simulation, wargames, and exercises
With our Experiential Analytics solution, we create experiences in a risk-free environment where you and your organization can prepare for any contingency by testing different variables, trying out different decisions, and experiencing the resulting outcomes.

Scenario-based. Human-centric. Technology-enhanced.
You can’t predict the future, but you can prepare for it. Future preparedness is crucial in today’s world of unprecedented complexity, change, and unpredictability. There is no single solution to achieving it—governments and other organizations recognize this. Being prepared requires stakeholders to partner, collaborate, create, test, and implement new ideas together. By tailoring exercises, simulations, experiential models, and analytics to your organization’s unique goals and challenges, our solution shines a light into the great unknown. It’s designed to empower the creativity, problem solving, and collaborative discovery necessary to thrive at the enterprise level.

By following our 5-step strategic process, organizations can:

  •  Improve user experience and data collection
  •  Benefit from industry best practice management science tools
  •  Host wargames, exercises, and simulations in classified locations
  •  Access leading wargame and exercise experts
  •  Receive a timely analysis with actionable insights after every event

Step1. Assess the problem
We partner with our clients to identify their critical challenges and needs and draft a purpose statement to address them. Types of strategic assessments performed may include:

  • Business assessments
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Threat assessments
  • Risk assessments

Step 2. Select the Methodology
Following the assessment, we decide on one or more approaches to address the client’s challenges. There are four  paths to choose from:

Research & Experiments collect data to uncover an underlying “truth” or test a hypothesis, enabling clients to test ideas and establish cause-and-effect relationships through controlling variables. Types of analytical research performed may include qualitative research, quantitative research, historical research, and experiments. Modeling & Simulation develops data as a basis for making decisions. This path applies decisive analytical solutions to situations where meaningful real-world exercises would be too difficult or expensive to conduct. Types of modeling and simulation techniques performed may include integrated C4ISR modeling, first principle & engineering modeling, campaign analysis, stochastic tracking simulations, advanced simulations analysis, agent based models, and process models.

Wargames provide a framework to better understand the future or the unknown. This path tests theories and hypotheses about possible future circumstances and courses of action. Simulation training event types may include scenario planning, seminar wargame, wargaming, and strategic gaming. Exercises can be used to develop, implement, and measure the effectiveness of plans and procedures, and evaluate performance against those plans. Exercises performed may include seminars, workshops, tabletop exercises, drills and exercises, functional exercises or command post-exercises, and full-scale exercises or field training exercises.

Step 3. Customize the Project
Once the assessment is complete and the analytical techniques are chosen, the design process begins. Experiential Analytics is supported by Design House, an in-house studio that designs and develops products to efficiently bring your stories to life.

Step 4. Analyze the Results
A thorough analysis of simulation results captures key insights and recommendations. Types of strategic analysis performed may include:

  • Policy analysis
  • Strategic analysis
  • Systems analysis
  • Operations research
  • Thought experiments

Step 5. Re-Assess the Options
After analysis, the process returns to Step 1 to determine if additional strategic simulations will provide further benefit to the client.