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Telecommunication software
SSI is an accomplished telecom development company that builds tailored software solutions for internet, landline and media service providers, broadcasting companies, mobile and satellite network operators, to help them maintain their business and networks, expand service coverage, and enhance customer engagement.

Operations support systems (OSS)
We develop suites of back-office applications aimed at supporting telecom services, maintaining the operability of physical equipment and logical assets, and ensuring prompt resolution of occurring network disruptions.

Telecom inventory software
Our team can design an intuitive platform for supervising the lifecycle of physical and logical network assets and tracking their exact locations. This solution will aid in monitoring equipment statuses, evaluating the technical capacity of the operations center and remote sites, and gaining insights into equipment usage rates and the efficiency of procurement strategies.

Telecom SLA monitoring software
SSI builds dedicated applications for maintaining telecom agency service scope and individual technical and operational parameters. Our applications will help you align your service with SLAs and their underpinning agreements, monitor its fulfillment, and automatically alert to bugs and glitches threatening to hinder SLA execution.

Telecom fault management software
To help you provide consistent service quality 24/7, we will develop a system to monitor your infrastructure end to end, including both physical and virtual assets, servers, and the network for potentially disruptive issues and bugs. Such an intelligent system will be able to accurately detect faults, promptly isolate them to prevent further impact, and run the root cause analysis, allowing support specialists to start repairing immediately.

Business support systems (BSS)
We build highly-functional software that helps streamline multiple business departments, automate labor-intensive and data-heavy processes, and promote enterprise-wide performance visibility.

Telecom CRM
SSI will build a centralized customer data hub to aid your marketing, sales, field and support teams in maintaining a better connection with your customer base. With our experience of deploying Salesforce and SAP Customer Experience platforms, we will align out-of-the-box features with your service provision specifics and enhance them with custom functionality for managing contracts, subscriptions, user access rights, and partner relationships.

Telecom analytics software
We develop robust BI suites for telecom companies, powered by big data and AI, to yield insights into business performance and support informed decisions. Our custom BI solutions can deliver precise information on average revenue per user, sales rates, subscriber growth, and other key metrics, as well as accurately predict customer churn rate and fraud risks.

Telecom billing software
Our custom solution will help you centralize and efficiently manage payments, streamline recurring subscriptions, and improve financial accountability. SSI’S team will tailor the software to your service type, subscription business model, and tax requirements, integrate it with multiple payment gateways.

Telecom customer portals
Our developers will build a device-agnostic point of contact between you and your customers. Equipped with a self-help knowledge base and a community forum, this web portal will significantly reduce your support team’s workload, while new account management capabilities will allow customers to take full control over their purchased products and services, subscriptions, and billing.