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Our healthcare expertise
We deliver technological solutions and services for healthcare organizations and practitioners.We believe, custom healthcare software development is the key enabler of healthcare interoperability, patient engagement, accurate diagnostics, and positive healthcare outcomes.

Medical application development:
We design and implement digital solutions to cover various aspects of care delivery, such as chronic disease management, inter professional collaboration, medical analytics, and PHI security, among others.

Healthcare software integration
SSI helps our healthcare clients create connected technological ecosystems. We integrate custom and platform-based apps with EHR, PACS, HIE, CRM, claim management systems, mobile medical apps, and other solutions in use by providers.

Our custom healthcare solutions:
SSI builds multilevel healthcare infrastructures accommodating internal and customer-facing software. We oversee faultless performance, usability, and security of our delivered solutions, which guarantees both flawless operation and positive user experience for healthcare providers as well as their patients, partners, and vendors.

Clinical applications
We are experienced in developing and customizing software that forms the basis of daily healthcare operations. Our solutions support the integrity of clinical processes, maintain patient information uniformity, and contribute to greater personalization of care.

  • Patient identification
  • Clinical decision support and diagnostics
  • Healthcare information exchange
  • Health data monitoring
  • Сhronic disease management
  • Medication tracking
  • Clinical content management
  • E-prescriptions
  • Laboratory management
  • Medical image analysis

Mobile applications for doctors:
We build mobile apps for physicians, assistants, nurses, allied health professionals, and executives. These solutions can automate daily workflows, streamline care coordination, and improve inter professional collaboration.

  • Mobile CRM
  • Shift scheduling
  • Staff productivity and teamwork
  • Medical e-learning
  • Hospital management

Mobile applications for patients:
We provide healthcare mobile app development to support on-the-go care activities and communication between patients and doctors. Apps built by SSI serve as digital medical assistants for ongoing personalized care delivery.

  • Health monitoring
  • Patient engagement
  • Medication tracking
  • Wellness
  • Remote diagnostics

 Healthcare Analytics:
SSI’s team develops scalable data warehouses, OLAP cubes, data mining algorithms, and data visualization tools. Our effort is translated into ready-to-use healthcare analytics for providers to process medical data correctly and securely and then apply it in their everyday practice.

Performance & outcomes reports

  • Revenue cycle management
  • Cost analysis
  • Patient analytics