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Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP)

ERP development in detail
By cooperating with SSI, enterprises form development teams to tackle multiple facets of ERP system development. Our specialists handle first-time deployments, ongoing customizations, and migrations to new infrastructures and alternative platforms.

ERP implementation
Applying our expertise in ERP implementation consulting, we help enterprises launch their ERP software and align it with internal regulations, industry standards, and business requirements. We set up ERP-ready infrastructures, deploy ERP modules, configure custom features, and carry out initial training for business users and ERP admins.

ERP customization
Whether you run a platform-based ERP solution or a completely custom system, SSI’s team will deliver customizations optimal for your specific business context. We put extra efforts into testing every customization so that it functions smoothly within the integrated environment.

ERP Migration
When you are ready to move your ERP to a new environment or adopt the next version of your ERP platform, we are here to manage the migration and all related tasks. We deploy new infrastructures, migrate data, content, integrations and customizations, and carry out post-migration ERP fine-tuning.

ERP Integration
SSI performs ERP integrations by leveraging available ready-to-use solutions as well as by designing proprietary unique integration software. We connect ERPs with other enterprise systems to ensure uninterrupted business workflows, customer services, and collaboration between internal and external users.