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Blockchain Consulting

Smart contract Implementation

We implement smart contracts within your chosen blockchain ecosystem to make decentralized transactions available in different business domains. Through smart contracts development, we help companies facilitate payments, deals, money and asset exchange, and crowdsourcing campaigns, as well as minimize the risk of fraud and human-related errors in the process. Our blockchain consultants also help customers assess the viability and performance of implemented smart contracts through our proprietary blockchain assessment methodology. We monitor the accuracy of transactions, algorithm execution, and hardware resilience, as well as oversee smart contract deployment to ensure no flaws creep in.

Our blockchain solutions
Our blockchain software developers engineer industry-specific solutions for data, customer relationships and business process management. Turning to SSI’s blockchain development services, our customers can get either standalone custom blockchain solutions or blockchain components integrated into other enterprise solutions.

Blockchain for e-commerce


  • Cryptocurrency transactions
  • Digital wallets
  • Payment processing
  • Crowdsales and auctions


  • Token-based purchases
  • Peer-to-peer transactions
  • Direct sales

Supply chain management

  • Shipment tracking
  • Provenance tracking
  • Inventory management
  • Product traceability

B2C transactions

  • Direct B2C interactions
  • Customer data protection
  • Loyalty schemes

Blockchain for banking and finance

Financial transactions

  • Macro- and micropayments
  • Global transactions
  • Multi-currency wallets
  • Cryptocurrency fundraising

Trading solutions

  • Portfolio tracking
  • Automated and semi-automated trading
  • Digital asset trading

Security assessment

  • Anti-money laundering and KYC solutions
  • Digital signatures and incorruptible IDs
  • Transaction validation and approval

Blockchain for healthcare

PHI management (Protected health Information)

  • Health record management
  • PHI storage and sharing
  • Patient consent recording
  • Protected access to clinical test

Healthcare payments

  • Claim management
  • Patient billing and healthcare payments
  • Clinical trial and research results management

Care delivery workflows

  • Blockchain-based IoMT
  • Drug traceability
  • Improved healthcare interoperability