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AR & VR 

AR development
We will create bespoke AR software that pushes the boundaries of end-users’ real-world environment, enabling meaningful interactions with overlaid 2D and 3D objects.

VR development
Our team will craft a task-specific VR application to present realistic three-dimensional visuals and simulate an interactive sensory experience within a multi-projected environment.

Our AR & VR Expertise

Our consultants explore the requirements and map out a platform-based or custom AR/VR software that aligns with our clients’ strategies. Collaborating with stakeholders, the team refines the project roadmap and settles on the technology stack, design, and project timeline.

Experience design
We render multi-dimensional device-agnostic experiences that strike a balance between entertainment and purpose without overpowering users. Our designers deliver realistic interfaces and ensure authentic interactivity by studying user behavior and prototyping the storyboards.

Hardware Integration
Our team gears AR and VR solutions specifically for the intended devices. We ensure the software effectively communicates with sensors, GPS, trackers, controllers, cameras, and other hardware elements, and delivers unhindered visual and haptic experience.