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CRM Management 

CRM implementation: five stages
We provide end-to-end CRM implementation services to consolidate data across channels, build up all-round customer profiles, connect corporate silos, foster collaboration, and increase customer acquisition to help you meet the projected ROI for your CRM project.

1) CRM strategy consulting
SSI offers CRM consulting for any stage of your project, be it the tech stack choice, CRM engineering, performance optimization, customization, or maintenance. We base our strategies on the business analysis, system audit, and project budget.

2) CRM migration
We can help you move from your legacy system, scale your current CRM, or shift to the cloud. We choose a CRM solution fit for your workflows, prepare data for migration, and enrich the new solution with features missing from your old deployment.

3) CRM customization
SSI’s team can configure and customize your CRM, automating processes for your employees to save time for more critical tasks. We also optimize dashboards, workflows, and UI, as well as develop custom plug-ins and apps for specific challenges.

4) CRM onboarding
We boost CRM adoption rates with an onboarding strategy personalized for each department, which covers both early project stages and the post-implementation period. We can also devise an orientation program for new CRM users.

5) CRM maintenance
We’ll stay with you after your new CRM goes live, in order to make sure the system has met the requirements and to address users’ feedback. We can also audit your system on a regular basis as well as augment your admin team with technical support experts to solve any ongoing issues.