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Program Operations

We manage IT program of different clients.Our expert consultants and our computing resources help businesses professionally manage their IT environments. We take on the full scope of managed IT services, thus minimizing the management workload for our customers. We also integrate our own specialists into the customers’ in-house IT teams to improve management processes and put relevant methodologies into practice.

Software management

When managing software, we maintain its high performance, security, and user adoption. We also improve its functional capabilities and make it more powerful and attractive for end users.

Infrastructure management

By ensuring the correct operation, integrity and immunity of IT infrastructures’ components and nodes, we guarantee that business processes are stable and protected.

Application management services

SSI manages web and mobile application environments across multiple business verticals. This includes maintaining, enhancing, and optimizing custom and platform-based applications. Depending on the requirements, we can focus either on the technological side or user-centric aspects, or both.

360° IT infrastructure management

We help enterprises support complex IT infrastructures with our infrastructure management services and solutions. Our key objective here is to preserve the integrity of IT infrastructures and their components while ensuring their security and adaptability to changing business requirements.

Network management

We administrate networks to ensure their architectures are correct and resources are distributed optimally.

Storage management

We manage data centers and stand-alone data storages to maintain their well-balanced load and protection of stored data.

System administration

We ensure availability and security of enterprise IT assets (databases, physical and virtual servers, active directories, etc.)

Device management

We set up processes and tools for the continuous monitoring and security checkups of corporate devices.

Cloud Infrastructure management

Our services span all types of cloud infrastructures, including public, private, hybrid, and multicloud. Depending on our customers’ needs, we follow these common scenarios:

Your infrastructure

SSI’s team can manage cloud deployments using the customers’ computing resources. Responsible for the deployment, hardware and software components, our specialists regularly report their work to the customer while providing ongoing cloud consulting and development support.

SSI’s  infrastructure

We also manage cloud infrastructures using our own computing resources. This can be an optimal solution for businesses looking to cut their infrastructure costs. Our team coordinates all management activities with the customer while ensuring the full availability and protection of the managed environment.

Custom solutions

We design and implement custom cloud management solutions to be used by the customer’s in-house team or SSI’s team. Our solutions come packed with features essential for efficient monitoring and analysis of cloud environments, tracking of cloud users’ activities, and mitigation of cloud cyber-threats.