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Microsoft Consulting

Our Microsoft consulting services

Architecture design

We help our customers design on-premises, cloud and hybrid architectures for their enterprise solutions. Our Microsoft architects build the logic of these complex deployments from scratch, as well as design architecture segments for solutions to be integrated into larger implementations.


We make Microsoft solutions part of our customers’ IT ecosystems. We start with the software deployment and setup and proceed with its tuning in line with the business context and users’ needs. We also implement custom features and optimize Microsoft solutions in place.


We rely on the native integration capabilities of Microsoft technologies and develop custom integration solutions to seamlessly incorporate Microsoft products into enterprise infrastructures. In our integration projects, we prioritize security, business continuity, and positive user experience.

Platform-centric consulting

SSI is a Microsoft consulting firm that can implement each of the Microsoft versatile platforms. When launching platform-based solutions, we not only deploy these technologies within customers’ environments but also integrate them into business processes through custom design and features.

Office-365 Consulting

We help businesses understand the complex logic of Office 365 and implement effective cloud environments for enterprise and team collaboration. We advocate the step-by-step activation of Office 365 applications along with their ongoing monitoring and security enhancement. We apply customizations that don’t conflict with Microsoft’s requirements for shared Office 365 ecosystems.

Microsoft Power BI Consulting

By launching Power BI solutions for enterprises, we set up business intelligence environments for data aggregation, analysis and visualization. We follow our Microsoft BI consulting process depending on the selected Power BI plan, helping companies adjust the platform to their specific data and workflows, as well as adding custom features where necessary.

Microsoft Azure Consulting

Our Microsoft Azure consulting services include advisory and technological assistance for companies that choose Microsoft Azure for their cloud infrastructure or applications. We focus on building cloud architectures that are easy to maintain and extend, and use the platform as a foundation for running cloud app services and integrations.