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Health Solution

Our custom healthcare solutions:
SSI builds multilevel healthcare infrastructures accommodating internal and customer-facing software. We oversee faultless performance, usability, and security of our delivered solutions, which guarantees both flawless operation and positive user experience for healthcare providers as well as their patients, partners, and vendors.

Digital patient experience

Consumer health applications:
SSI’s  healthcare app developers create software synchronized with health-tracking wearables, sensors, and medical devices for remote patient monitoring. We enrich them with powerful data collection, processing, and visualization capabilities, so that patients and their doctors have accurate health data on their hands for making well-weighed decisions.

We tend to the software side of:

  • Smart glucometers and thermometers
  • Blood pressure and cardiac activity trackers
  • Fitness and sleep monitors

Patient portals
Within our scope of patient-centric medical app development, we build patient portals that digitally connect patients and care providers. Using such portals, both parties can submit and access health records and resources via web and mobile devices, which is critical for effective treatment.

  • Treatment plans
  • Personal health records, including lab results
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Interactive health education
  • Consultation summaries
  • Patient feedback and assessment forms

Healthcare CRM
We set up custom medical CRMs tailored to provide a better experience through all-round patient profile management, personalized offers, and more essential features. These specialized systems can be integrated into any type of care-delivering practice, from nation-wide health systems to local GP offices, to connect providers and patients every step of the way.

  • Omnichannel patient communication
  • Marketing campaign automation
  • Service personalization
  • Referral management
  • Behavior analytics and reporting

Clinical applications:
We are experienced in developing and customizing software that forms the basis of daily healthcare operations. Our solutions support the integrity of clinical processes, maintain patient information uniformity, and contribute to greater personalization of care.

  • Patient identification
  • Clinical decision support and diagnostics
  • Healthcare information exchange
  • Health data monitoring
  • Сhronic disease management
  • Medication tracking
  • Clinical content management
  • E-prescriptions
  • Laboratory management
  • Medical image analysis

Medical workflow management
We also deliver medical software for internal workflow management. These solutions help healthcare organizations manage their revenue cycles, track equipment, monitor facilities and inventory medical supplies.

  • Healthcare CRM and loyalty
  • Insurance claims management
  • Medical billing
  • Hospital asset and equipment tracking
  • Healthcare supply chain management
  • Inventory and procurement