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Artificial Intelligence

Our engagements begin with a clear understanding of the required business goals. Whether the objective is to lower costs, increase margins, reduce time to market or improve market share, SSI’s Evolutionary AI analyzes and prescribes the best actions to achieve one, a combination or all of those at the same time. Like an army of data scientists, evolutionary computation generates complex models, creatively solves problems and recommends the best path(s) to achieve them. Here’s how it works. The evolutionary algorithms process generations of variable combinations very quickly. The least-useful-candidates are discarded and new ones are generated from variants of the most-useful-candidates through recombination and mutation. This process is rapidly repeated, homing in on the prescriptive actions to take. In this manner, Evolutionary AI makes it possible to identify the best approaches to designs, products and processes.

This AI technologies are capable of processing terabytes of data, deriving insights from that data and transforming those insights into action. This empowers business leaders to make highly informed decisions with speed and confidence. Cognizant Intelligent Decisioning uses AI and ML to create a data driven ecosystem enabling business leaders to more effectively:

  • Anticipate change
  • Increase agility
  • Accelerate growth
  • Improve efficiency
  • Control costs
  • Create new customer experiences
  • Make better decisions faster

 Custom intelligence: Segment, Personalize and Target

SSI Customer Intelligence provides a unified customer journey and analytics platform to help you engage with the right customers, across the right channels at the right time.

Now, you can:

  • Create a 360-degree, omnichannel view of the customers—providing rich context and behavioral insights
  • Drive brand loyalty through effective customer segmentation and personalization throughout their journey
  • Optimize revenue and profit by prescribing personalized next best action/next best offer for every customer
  • Increase retention by offering the most relevant, engaging and seamless customer experiences

 Operational intelligence: Improve processes, increase certainty:
Whether improving forecast models or optimizing inventory management, operating capabilities hinge on managing and optimizing data. Cognizant Operations Intelligence brings together data, analytics and intelligence to help businesses create new value for customers, respond quickly to dynamic market conditions and run at optimal efficiency. This helps companies improve day-to-day business and technology operations—shifting them from reactive to proactive.

Our offerings optimize decisions in today’s digital world by continuously ingesting, correlating and analyzing multiple data streams in different formats to identify patterns and trends, predict outcomes and inform business decision-makers of optimal actions to take.

SSI’s analytics integrates and validates data from multiple source systems to automate decisions and responses. Operations Intelligence answers critical questions about your operational process:

  • What is happening in my business today? Analyze the data that matters and deliver enterprise-wide, intelligence that reduce costs, increase margins and improve profitability. Make the best decisions based on real-time intelligence.
  • Why is it happening? Identify what is driving customer decisions and how to create a bigger impact. Gain a clear view of all operations.
  • What will happen next? Use predictive analytics to improve demand visibility and forecast accuracy. End to-end supply chain accuracy has never been more important.
  • What to do about it? Prescribe actions that guide the buyer, marketer and seller to boost prices, profits and productivity.